Even before our early access, we had the vision to make SashiDo The Real Parse alternative.As we promised you, step by step we include more and more features to our service so you wouldn’t miss anything.And that’s just the beginning of our journey :) We’re very excited to share the latest news - SashiDo now supports: Background Jobs Give you the option to write long running tasks, include them in your Cloud Code and set up how often you want to run them. N ...

Before the concept of Live Queries (WebSockets behind the scenes) was created, developers used comet and long polling in order to simulate real time web. The problem was that this technologies needed almost constant communication with the server, which, as you’d imagine, it’s not very fast and resource-friendly. Then Live Queries came and the Parse Server became realtime. Imagine an app game, which needs to update in real time non-stop. As you know, games ...

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How to make your Mobile Application GDPR Ready

At SashiDo we certainly care about our customers and we strive to be up-to-date on the horizon of the novelties coming up. We’re all working on GDPR these days and we want to help people understand what it is. What does GDPR mean? In February we announced that GDPR is coming and SashiDo.io is getting ready and now we will be more specific on how to make sure your mobile app is prepared for the upcoming changes in the European Union region.

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SashiDo Acquires Octobas

SashiDo is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of all the assets of Octobas.com, a robust and scalable backend for mobile and web apps based on Parse Open Source. For the past 2 years our mission has been to become a leading Parse Server hosting provider in the mobile and web apps development world as well as to continue improving our service, launching new features and providing quality and security to our customers.

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