Hot News: Background Jobs + WebHooks + LiveQueries are now here!

Marian Ignev

Even before our early access, we had the vision to make SashiDo The Real Parse alternative.
As we promised you, step by step we include more and more features to our service so you wouldn’t miss anything.
And that’s just the beginning of our journey :)

We’re very excited to share the latest news - SashiDo now supports:

Cloud Jobs

Background Jobs

Give you the option to write long running tasks, include them in your Cloud Code and set up how often you want to run them. Now you don’t have to worry how to implement functions which need to repeat frequently.

Read the tutorial



You want to code on a language other than JavaScript and integrate frameworks and technologies not supported by the Cloud Code? It’s now possible with Webhooks: it’s simple and easy but gives countless opportunities to expand the functionality of your applications.

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One of the key concepts behind Parse Server is the Query, which allows you to tell the Parse Server which object you need. This means that every time an object matching this query is changed, the server will see this immediately and push the new object data to you real-time. Want your app also to go real-time? It’s easier that ever!

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Enhanced Logs

Logs now are improved, look beautiful now :) and more importantly: they are persistent and with the next updates of the Parse Server on SashiDo you’ll see much more useful debug information.

So ... What's next?

You’re probably wondering what’s coming next? Here’s a sneak peek of our road map:

  • Two new regions: US and Australia
  • Advanced Push Notifications
  • MongoDB Automated Backups
  • Documentation

We can’t wait for you to share your experience with the new features and show us what you’ve built with them.
Your feedback is important to us and helps us continue improving SashiDo.

We believe that you have to always push and improve yourself, we don’t think limits exist when you create something with passion and excitement.

Stay tuned with us, the best is yet to code :)

Marian Ignev

Managing Director of CloudStrap & SashiDo. Passionate Software Engineer & Visionary. Make things happen! Love to communicate with bright creative minds!

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