Content List Handling Incoming Webhooks Building your Webhook Handler Extracting information from the Request Body Example Webhook Handler with Slack Setting up your SashiDo app Cloud Code Setting up Slack Lets try it out! Other UseCases and Scenarios Useful Links Introduction Have you ever wanted to integrate a 3rd Party Client with your SashiDo applications? I suppose you have, and there's an awesome feature called WebHooks which help you do just that. I ...

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How to make your Mobile Application GDPR Ready

At SashiDo we certainly care about our customers and we strive to be up-to-date on the horizon of the novelties coming up. We’re all working on GDPR these days and we want to help people understand what it is. What does GDPR mean? In February we announced that GDPR is coming and is getting ready and now we will be more specific on how to make sure your mobile app is prepared for the upcoming changes in the European Union region.

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SashiDo Acquires Octobas

SashiDo is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of all the assets of, a robust and scalable backend for mobile and web apps based on Parse Open Source. For the past 2 years our mission has been to become a leading Parse Server hosting provider in the mobile and web apps development world as well as to continue improving our service, launching new features and providing quality and security to our customers.

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