If you have sent push notifications with Parse Server you are probably familiar with the issues that come with having larger audience. The way the Parse Server's push notifications work is the following: your Installations are fetched in batches, these batches are then sent respectively to FCM(Android) and/or APNS(iOS). One of the issues is that the progress of these batches is not tracked. Let’s say your application has 2 million installations, currently ...

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Announcing Automatic Database Backups

Having a Backup is a matter of great importance. Just recently GitLab reminded us that mistakes do happen sometimes. We, as a service, couldn't afford to lose any clients data, so we have always had internal disaster recovery backups of all the data on our servers ...

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How to set up iOS push notifications in SashiDo

Push notifications allow you to stay in touch with your users and make it possible for your users to communicate with each other. Before you begin, remember that push notifications are not available in the iOS Simulator. You will need an iOS device, as well as an Apple certificate ...

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