[Update] Something new is coming...

Galya Titova

Easter is around the corner, and we decided to create a little Easter hunt for our customers.

We will give one of you the chance to win a $15 credit for SashiDo :)

All you need to do is guess what’s the new feature we’ve been working on lately.

We promise it’s really hot!

The winner will be drawn from those who have correctly named the new feature in our comment section below, so don’t forget to check it regularly for updates.

HINT: It is something that will bring your app closer to your customers.

We are so happy that many of you suggested an answer (some of you even the correct one) and we decided there will be two winners.

That’s right! Two of you will receive a $15 credit for SashiDo :)

We will give you one more day to share your suggestions.

Submit your answer until April 8, (18:30 UTC+3). On April 10, (18:30 UTC+3) our sales rep Tanya will announce the two lucky winners.

The competition is now closed!

We want to thank you all for taking part in our game and for the nice comments and suggestions. Your feedback is very important for us, so our dev team will soon start working on some of the features you mentioned.

And now, the correct answer is: we are launching new regions - Australia and Japan.

Here is Tanya, drawing the winners.

Congratulations to the two winners: jbermudez5 and Abdullah Shawkat :)

They will be notified by email and the credits will be added to their virtual wallets with SashiDo.

Within the next couple of days, we will send you an email with information on how you can reserve a slot in one of the new regions regions so stay tuned!

Happy coding!

Galya Titova

Head of Marketing Innovations @ SashiDo

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