SashiDo welcomes US region

Peruna Keremidchieva

We, SashiDo’s team, like to dream big, because setting up the bar high is the way to achieve awesome results. We wanted to create a service, offering every feature from Parse so you wouldn’t miss anything when coding your favourite apps, to give to you a REAL PARSE ALTERNATIVE. After launching so many of them and putting a lot of effort into improving the service, it was clear: it’s time to expand and cover more hosting location. Since most of you asked for US - it was decided to be the next in our roadmap.
We’re very excited to announce that from today you can

Create new or migrate existing apps in US region

It’s simple, in case you want to build a new app in US location choose it from the dropdown menu in SashiDo’s Dashboard. If you already have apps running on SashiDo, but US is a more convenient for you: write us at and we’ll be more than happy to change your current region to US.

We will start migrating your apps from EU to US after 17.11.2016.

Why server region matters?

It’s important in many aspects. The distance that data has to travel between your server location and your app’s users may affect the speed that your application loads so if you choose a server, closer to your users, this will make your products faster. So it’s better to keep your app on a server, close to your target market. Another good reason is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) considers server location as a factor when attempting to ascertain if your web app or website is relevant for a particular country or language market.

We Host. Globally | SashiDo welcomes US region

What’s coming next?

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s already in progress and will be available for you to enjoy very soon:

  • New region Australia
  • Advanced Push Notifications
  • Automated MongoDB Backups
  • Documentation

Don’t forget that you can write us at in case you have any questions.

In the meantime: happy coding :)

Peruna Keremidchieva

SashiDo's community manager & customer happiness freak.

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