SashiDo Acquires Octobas to expand global Backend as a Service Adoption with Parse Server Technologies

Pavel Ivanov

SashiDo is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of all the assets of, a robust and scalable backend for mobile and web apps based on Parse Open Source.

For the past 2 years our mission has been to become a leading Parse Server hosting provider in the mobile and web apps development world as well as to continue improving our service, launching new features and providing quality and security to our customers.

The acquisition of brings us one step closer to accomplishing this goal.

Marian Ignev, CEO of SashiDo said:

This is a strategic acquisition which is part of our global expansion plan. With the Octobas team we will grow our Asia Pacific market share.

As you may know, SashiDo has always been passionate about Parse Server, so teaming up with someone else with whom we share the same passion sounded as the most logical step.

Rabbie Zalaf, CEO of Octobas said:

Knowing the Australian market and what the SashiDo Team and Platform can do, I'm sure that SashiDo will be the most valuable backend provider here.

The acquisition will have no impact on our existing customers - everything will remain as it has been thus far. We will simply have more people joining SashiDo's big family.

The possibilities in front of us are endless and we are thrilled for this new journey.
We will be keeping you posted on all the new cool things that will be happening within the next few months.

So stay tuned!

In the meantime if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.

Pavel Ivanov

Head of UI/UX Innovations @ CloudStrap & SashiDo

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