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Our Big Things to Announce

We are growing fast and now there are 2,120 early adopters to ParseGround - you encourage us a lot, guys! Thank you for the great support and constructive feedback during the early stage of our service … you are really awesome!

Remember that name - ParseGround? Good, but there is a new name to remember from now on.
As of today, ParseGround is becoming SashiDo.io

This brand change came quickly to us as well, but we are happy we are doing it. SashiDo (the tiny cute robot) promises to be your personal assistant in your dev job, to help you 24/7 and to bring all the tools you need to build awesome apps.
Even so, we stay the same people & service as you know us - the one that migrate, host & support your Parse apps with Parse Database and Parse SDK.

That's why here we go with many new features for you:

Advanced Cloud Code

Advanced Cloud Code

You know SashiDo already has a Cloud Code – very useful feature that lets you build mobile apps without dealing with servers. However, regular Cloud Code is limiting and doesn’t cover a lot of things that you need in order to build complex apps. That’s why today we introduce Advanced Cloud Code, which allows you to have:

  • Custom Express.js apps
  • Hosted Static Files
  • Custom npm packages

This opens a lot more possibilities for your apps. So now you can easily host your website with custom server side logic, css, js and images.

Integration is again with GitHub – through the private repo, which you already have for your apps so you can have access to it any time you want and can customize it the way you need to. As you already know – you don’t have to use additional tools, you just need to push it in the repo: we take care to deploy it to the servers.



We noticed you missed seeing logs of your Cloud Code in the dashboard. We get it – logs make it so much easier to debug your apps and to see your updates, errors, results, every significant event. That’s why now we’ve included logs in SashiDo’s dashboard – to help you manage and support better your apps.

Social Login

Social Login

You can already use Social sign up (Parse login ... Facebook & Twitter login) for your users. It’s quick and easy. Many developers struggle to build third-party authentications on their own and we simplify it for you.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Email settings is also something you have asked about. Now we have enabled email templates that let you manage email verifications & password reset emails for your users. It helps you to fine-tune and automate the ways you communicate with your customers.

Invite Friends

Invite Friends

Invite your friends & colleagues to join us from your Dashboard. There is a setting that enables you to send an instant access to someone you think might like us. Share the nice experience and send a quick invitation without any waiting lists. :)

What is Coming Next …

Background Jobs

Allowing you to set up long running tasks in the background, to schedule, view status and manage currently running jobs or completed jobs.

File Migration

Automated migration of all your Parse S3 files. It is part of our job to migrate everything you need and keep your smooth workflow. We know it saves a lot of time, but no one supports it. We will.

Advanced Push Notifications

Enabling scheduled pushes and bringing some optimizations such as faster push sending. In other words you will able to send millions of notifications to millions of devises for few seconds. How cool is that? :)

Of course there are more cool features coming so ... Stay tuned for more! :)

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