Do you need a File Migration Tool?

Peruna Keremidchieva

As Parse developers ourselves we were wondering what is about to happen with our files after the service stops. How to transfer them over the new platform? Whether they will be stored somewhere by Parse, or they will disappear and we have to take precautions. No one provides a service for this.

The most probable scenario is that after Jan 28th, 2017 you won’t be able to access your files even if they are not completely deleted. While thinking about how to make it easier for SashiDo users to move their Parse S3 to SashiDo S3 we came up with an idea:

“What about to open a File Migration Tool to everyone?” : )

And here it is - a pretty simple tool for migrating all your Parse files in a click -- -- SashiDo File Migration. The first file transfer tool for all Parse users. Completely free and ready to utilize.

It takes minutes to move all your files from Parse S3 to your own Amazon S3. No complex tutorials, no manual transfer, no need to spend hours on such a tedious job. Also, you don't need a registration. It's easy, fast and reliable.

You can start in few simple steps. The tiny robot will assist you. : )

If you're a SashiDo user:

  • Go to SashiDo’s dashboard:

  • Choose the app you want to work on.

  • Go to “App Settings” - choose “File Migration” and press “Start File Migration”.

  • You’ll see the migration process - it takes few minutes, depending on the size of your files.

  • After finishing the process you can restart your file migration with the button “Restart File Migration.”

If you're an Amazon user:

  • Go to
    You have to provide the following information:

  • E-mail

  • Your own Mongo URI

  • Application File Key

  • And also your:

    • AWS Access Key ID
    • AWS Secret Access Key
    • AWS Bucket Name

Don’t worry, we don’t save your information anywhere, we only use it to locate your files.
After providing this info - press the button “RUN MIGRATION.”

  • SashiDo will start to transfer your files - you’ll immediately see the running process:

  • After few minutes (depending on your files’ size), the migration will be over, how cool :) If you’re happy with the result - please share your experience so other can use it too.

  • Repeat the process, if you want to transfer files from another app.


After Parse shuts down no one knows what will happen with our Parse files. Most probable is that there won’t be an access to the storage. Make sure you have a control over your files.

SashiDo Tool allows:

  • Automated one-click file migration
  • Migration to your own Amazon S3
  • Transfer progress tracking
  • Updating of your database with a new file URL
  • No limits - migrate everything.

If you’re not a SashiDo account - join our family today.

Peruna Keremidchieva

SashiDo's community manager & customer happiness freak.

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