Announcing SashiDo Metrics

Marian Ignev

Our team is very grateful for your ongoing and colossal support to SashiDo platform. We are pleased to announce the first beta version of the SashiDo Applications Metrics (in next couple of months we'll continue improving your experience with SashiDo by adding new data and insights piece by piece).

Explore your Usage

Get into details with your applications requests, storage, files, database, and traffic. We have a daily overview of all this data for 30 days and monthly insights for the last 12 months.

Explore your Usage with SashiDo Metrics

Find the patterns in your App

With the heat map metrics overview is much easier to discover the customer and application usage patterns. Which day of a week is essential for my business for example.

Find the patterns in your App with SashiDo Heatmaps

Understand better your Data

In every stage of the business lifecycle seeing the whole picture is one of the most important things. Knowing your data helping you to make the tough decisions with confidence!

Understand better your Data with SashiDo Metrics

Explore your app's Global Picture

Doing a global business online today is just in a click away. Every one of us wants to change the world and make it the better place! The SashiDo Metrics are here to show you the impact you made on the people all around the globe!


We are not done yet!

We won't stop here! A lot of cool new stuff is coming ... so keep up and stay tuned!

Marian Ignev

Managing Director of CloudStrap & SashiDo. Passionate Software Engineer & Visionary. Make things happen! Love to communicate with bright creative minds!

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