How can a non-technical entrepreneur build awesome apps with no code?

Jörg Refeld

You are an entrepreneur with an idea for a great app? But you are non-technical. You use the internet through your apps and browser, not shape it as a creator (yet). What are your options to get your idea out there and how can you experience which path is best for you?

Before we start let me emphasize there is no right or wrong here. You choose the path based on your situation and preferences. In principle your options are:

Get it done by someone else

You want to concentrate on the business, not the technology. You can express the idea in a precise and concise manner, perhaps even a process with wireframes. And you see when it’s done right. You are able to give feedback on mockups and early versions.

The Done for you (DFY) way usually is the fastest and most expensive path. Done by professionals the quality is high and the risk of failure is low. The drawbacks are with the control of things. If you are not spending your own money you are inviting investors with their own agenda to the table. This can go either way. And your influence on your app diminishes. Your outsourcer decides what’s under the hood. Which pretty much ties you to your partner.

Get it done by yourself

You like to tinker around and learn new skills. Speed is not so important to you. You have the time and energy to learn online. There are plenty of free knowledge sources and even paid programs are reasonably priced. Redoing things after acquiring new concepts is not an issue for you. You take pride in your creations.

The Do it yourself (DYI) route is definitely the cheapest. You can reasonably publish a great app investing time and a few hundred Euros. You have complete control over every aspect of your app and you are not relying on anybody else. The quality of your app might be lower since this is your first rodeo. Overall, the no-code community offers great tools and is very supportive.

Get it done yourself with a mentor by your side

This is a hybrid of both routes. It combines the best of both approaches. You are creating your own app. You are in complete control. You ease your learning curve and cut out a few iterations by placing an experienced coach by your side.

The Done with you (DWY) approach is speedier than the DYI. But it also takes a toll on your budget. Compared to the DFY it is usually significantly less money, though. What often draws entrepreneurs to the DWY is the level of control. When the business is small, they confidently know every aspect of it. As the business grows they have all options available, including hiring development talent.

How to know which way to go?

Those are some general approaches in what directions you can take your endeavor and validate your hypothesis with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). How do you know which path is for you? “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Einstein said it. Let me offer a very simple, fast, and free way to test two of the approaches in less than 1 hour. Make a quick experiment and experience for yourself if DIY or DWY are even real options for you. Here is how:


How did you do? Did you enjoy the experience? Are you ready for more? Look out here or at coachRED for more videos. If you have any suggestions topics you want to see covered in videos or posts, we would love to hear from you!

Jörg Refeld

Business consultant, educator and entrepreneur - with coachRED Jörg creates MVPs and apps for founders & entrepreneurs to provide real customer experiences and verified data for accelerated growth.

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